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Trademark registrations


Founding of a company or development of a product

Want to protect your company’s name?
Want your register your product name as a trademark?
It is worthwhile registering your company logo as a trademark?
Want to know if your chosen name has already been trademarked?
What do you need to take into account when registering a trademark?

From research to trademark registration – in close collaboration with you, we research the protectability of your chosen name, search for older trademarks and register your trademark for a well thought-out list of goods and services. Not only is this relevant for the identification of your company and products, it also applies in particular to your company logo, which is not protected by use alone.

Company and product identification

When founding a company or developing a product, at some point the question of a suitable name will arise. It is important that specialists like Klinger & Kollegen are involved in the process from an early stage.

Start-ups and young companies in particular tend to use descriptive terms to identify their company or products. Insofar as identifiers of this type can be protected at all, so-called weak trademarks will give rise to problems in later disputes, which are usually associated with higher costs. In order to avoid this, we will support you in your trademark application at every stage of the process.

Right from the outset, Klinger & Kollegen will advise you on the protectability of your planned trademark. Once your trademark has been selected, we will carry out an identity search for potentially conflicting trademarks, company names and domains. In some cases, a similarity search can also prove useful.

If the results of our research are positive, we will create a directory of goods and services tailored to your needs. A directory of this type defines the goods and services protected by your trademark, and must be submitted to the relevant trademark office.

At this stage, we will endeavour to take into account as far as possible the potential future development of your company as well as potential new product lines, since no further goods and services can be added to the directory once you have applied for the trademark. Instead, you would have to register a completely new trademark in order to extend the protection.

We believe in maintaining close personal contact with you throughout the entire process in order to ensure that you achieve the best possible trademark protection for your brand.

How do I achieve the best possible trademark protection for my brand?


Step 1

Tell us your chosen name and planned field of activity. We will research whether you can protect it through a German trademark and/or EU trademark.


Step 2

By carrying out an identity search, we will identify any older trademarks, company names and/or domains that may conflict with your chosen name. If necessary, we will also carry out a similarity search.


Step 3

Tell us your planned field of activity and we will create a comprehensive directory of goods and services tailored to your needs. It is also important to take future projects into account.


Step 4

Tell us the planned owner of the trademark (natural or legal person) and, if necessary, send us your chosen logo in JPEG format.

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